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A tenacious entrepreneur and beacon of resilience in the beauty industry. Born and raised in Taiwan, Emily embarked on a transformative journey to the USA in 2007. What began as an unexpected foray into the beauty world quickly blossomed into a passionate career. By 2013, she had established her first beauty studio, and after just five years, transitioned into a mentorship role as a trainer.
Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, Emily’s indomitable spirit was unwavering. In 2021, she unveiled a revamped beauty salon, and by 2023, her empire expanded to include nail services and a pioneering beauty academy. This academy serves as a testament to Emily’s commitment to empowering young girls and women, enabling them to chase their dreams within the beauty industry.
More than just a businesswoman, Emily prizes the quality of service and the depth of client relationships. She’s on a continuous quest to unite with those brimming with passion, aiming to curate a skilled and compassionate beauty team. With an ethos centered around ceaseless learning and growth, Emily remains a fervent advocate for women’s self-care and self-worth.

June Fan

Facial Aesthetician

June Fan’s journey into the world of beauty began in an unexpected place: a preschool classroom. For years, she nurtured young minds, instilling in them the foundational knowledge they needed to grow. However, even amidst storybooks and finger paintings, June’s interest in beauty never waned.
The universe conspired to nudge her closer to her passion when she learned about her mother-in-law’s beauty studio nestled in the picturesque state of Oregon. When the world grappled with the ramifications of COVID-19, June, buoyed by the unwavering support of her family, made the brave decision to transition from shaping minds to reshaping beauty.
After receiving her license, she joined a renowned Med Spa. However, its confines did not satiate her eagerness to delve deeper into the vast realm of beauty treatments. Fortune smiled upon June when she met Emily, a veteran in the beauty industry. Emily not only encouraged June but also shared her expansive knowledge, starting with the intricate art of lash extensions.
Now, equipped with specialized skills and a profound understanding of the beauty domain, June stands as an independent professional with boundless room for growth. Committed to delivering top-tier services to her clients, and eventually get into nail art in the future.

Vivian Woo

Nail Technician

Vivian Woo began her professional journey in the bustling world of women’s fashion retail. With an innate flair for design and an eye for detail, it wasn’t long before her interest in nail art transformed from a mere hobby to a full-blown passion. Trading fashion racks for nail lacquers, Vivian honed her skills as a nail artist, creating intricate designs that soon became her signature.
The allure of new opportunities and dreams led her to move to the United States, where amidst settling down, marriage, and embracing motherhood, Vivian found herself at the crossroads of her career. It was a serendipitous encounter with Emily, a kindred spirit and nail art enthusiast, that reignited Vivian’s passion. Encouraged by Emily’s unwavering support, Vivian decided to re-establish her career in nail art.
At the age of 47, Vivian embodies the spirit of resilience and reinvention. While many would shy away from starting over, she embraces it with open arms, demonstrating an insatiable willingness to learn. Today, she not only focuses on improving her skills but is also deeply committed to offering unparalleled services to her clientele. Her story stands as a testament to the fact that it’s never too late to follow one’s passion and that with dedication and the right support, anything is possible.

Professional Team | Creation Beauty in Newark, CA

experience of Ms.Lee's

Microblading Master Artist and Senior Educator of The Microblading Institute.

10+ years of Brow and Makeup Artist Experience.

15 Certifications in Permanent Makeup.

Served 1000’s of clients, and trained over 200 students nationally and internationally.

Trained in Taiwan where the permanent makeup starts

Trained in Korean with is first powered brow ( ombre ) starts

Trained in USA by those top international trainer and their unique techniques

Machine strokes By Elena Copaceanu

Color theory By Yulia Demidova

Complications of PMU By Yulia Demidova

Extreme natural-look microblading By Ksenija Karabegovic

Extreme natural-look combo technique (microblading + shading) Ksenija By Karabegovic.

Stardust eyeliner, lips, brows By Sviatoslav otchenash.

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