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Emily | Founder | Creation Beauty in Newark, CA

Welcome to the Creation Lash Extension and Permanent Makeup Academy, where artistry meets expertise in the world of beauty enhancement. Our academy is dedicated to training and nurturing the next generation of talented artists who aspire to transform the way we perceive beauty. 


Our 3-Month Free Class Repeat Offer!

At Creation Brow & Lash Academy, we recognize the importance of mastering skills and concepts at your own pace. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our unique offer: should any of our students feel the need to retake a class, they can do so within a span of 3 months – absolutely free of charge. Whether it’s to clarify doubts, reinforce learning, or just to have another go at the subject matter, we’ve got your back. Join us, and take full advantage of our commitment to your academic excellence!

About Us

At the Creation Lash Extension and Permanent Makeup Academy, we believe that every individual is a canvas waiting to be adorned with artistry, and our mission is to empower our students with the skills, knowledge, and passion required to master the art of lash extensions and permanent makeup.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple yet profound: to redefine beauty, one stroke at a time. We envision a world where confidence is amplified through carefully crafted lash extensions and the natural allure of permanent makeup. Our academy strives to be the driving force behind this transformation, one student at a time.

What Sets Us Apart


Our team of seasoned educators brings years of industry experience, ensuring that our students receive the best training possible.


We stay ahead of industry trends, incorporating the latest techniques and technologies into our curriculum.

Focus on

Beyond technical skills, we emphasize the importance of artistic expression, helping our students develop their unique style.

Small Class

 We maintain small class sizes to provide personalized attention, ensuring each student’s success.

Meet Our Educator

Emily Lee | Creation Academy in Newark, CA

Emily Lee

Lead Educator and Founder

Emily Lee is a trailblazing force in the world of beauty enhancement, with a career spanning over 13 years. As the lead educator and founder of the Creation Beauty, Creation Nail Lounge, Creation Lash Extension, and Permanent Makeup Academy, Emily Lee is committed to sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise with aspiring artists.

With a passion for beauty that extends beyond the surface, [Name] has not only mastered the technical aspects of lash extensions and permanent makeup but has also elevated these crafts to an art form. Their work has been featured in [notable publications or shows], and they are widely recognized for their innovation in the industry.

Emily Lee is not just an educator but a mentor who inspires students to dream big and achieve even bigger. Their commitment to nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and instilling a strong work ethic sets the standard for excellence at our academy.

Join Us!

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of creativity, self-discovery, and beauty transformation, the Creation Lash Extension and Permanent Makeup Academy is the perfect place to start. We invite you to explore our courses, connect with our passionate community, and embark on a career that redefines beauty for generations to come. Together, let’s unlock beauty beyond imagination.

Lash Extension and Permanent Makeup Class Details

Emily Lee | Creation Academy in Newark, CA


Under the guidance of Emily Lee, this comprehensive course is tailored for both beginners and experienced beauty professionals. The curriculum integrates practical training with theoretical insights, empowering students to confidently offer lash extensions and permanent makeup services.

Course Highlights

Lash Extension Module

Permanent Makeup Module

What's Included

Special Features

Hands-on Client

After certification, students can access our facilities for 5 days free of charge. This is an excellent opportunity to build your client portfolio and gain practical experience.


We believe in setting our students up for success. Our 2-hour career coaching session, conducted before the end of the class, provides valuable insights into the beauty industry and helps chart a clear path forward.


We understand the financial constraints students may face, so we offer payment plans facilitated by a trusted third-party company. Please click for more details.


No prior experience is required, but a passion for beauty is essential.

Participants must be at least 18 years of age.


Spaces are limited, ensuring personalized attention for each student. Register promptly to secure your spot. For more details and queries, please reach out to us.

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